Sustainable Cornish Produce

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Clifftop Smallholding


What our customers are saying

Pork chops yesterday, bacon today... Only sorry I didn't get more!

 It's the best. 

5 *****

Lou - Redruth

How & Why We Farm

We aim to coexist with our livestock in a reciprocal relationship. They are not pets, but they are far from mere 'stock' to us. They are our partners and we often feel the most pride when observing the animals out in the field in their natural family groupings.  We know to them we mean more than just food and we have close contact with all our animals daily.

Our Pasture For Life​ Promise

All our livestock free range every day. We strongly believe that no animal should be entirely housed inside and that they deserve to feel the sun (or rain!) on their backs and breathe the fresh Cornish air up here on the cliffs.


All our animals are traditional, dual purpose breeds and even our rescue hens earn their keep as our natural manure spreaders! We spent a long time researching and choosing the right breeds for our exposed, clifftop site and our pigs & cattle are registered rare breeds.

Although at times they might drive us round the bend (I'm talking to you piggies!), life wouldn't be the same without them.  They all play their own vital role on site and without them there would be no Cligga Cliff Farm! Read how amazing they are below...

Meet the Animals

"They are distinguished by their gigantic size, they are the largest of the kind I have ever seen, 

and as perfect a make as possible in pigs... 

their heads are large, with very long ears hanging down on each side of the face, so they can scarcely see their way."

Parkinson, 1810

Cornish Black Pigs

We keep pigs for both pork and plough, not to mention the pleasure we get from seeing our herd grow. They are magnificent creatures with a wonderfully curious nature and big hearts. Find out more about this rare British breed here.

Devon Bronze Turkeys 

After rearing a couple of different breeds in our first year we have a stand out favourite that we now rear for Christmas - the fabulous Devon Bronze! Read about this heritage British breed here.

Rescue Hens

Many of our chickens have been rehomed from larger commercial operations in Cornwall (saving them from a premature end when they still have plenty of life left in them!), but we also have ex barn hens that are now free to roam and some beautiful birds that have outgrown their backyard homes and come up to us to live out their days in the field. They are therefore a mixed flock of various breeds.