Sustainable Cornish Produce

 from our

Clifftop Smallholding


Farm to Fork

“The problem is we are not eating food anymore, we are eating food-like products.”

— Dr. Alejandro Junger

Knowing where our food comes from is important.  It certainly is to us and we're pretty sure it is to you too. Understanding the journey our food has taken from 'Farm To Fork' helps us to connect - or reconnect as the case may be - with what we're putting in our bodies and means we can be sure we are happy with how it has been produced and distributed.

The Journey

From Our Farm to Your Fork!

From there it's down to you lovely lot to #BuyLocal online or at one of the markets we attend . Once

 you share your pics or recipes with us the journey from farm to fork is officially complete!

Free Range Pork

All our 100% free range pork comes from pigs that have been born and bred on farm as part of our Cligga Cliff herd of registered rare-breed Large Cornish Blacks. Once ready to go they are collected and transported to Trevarthens abbatoir in Penryn where they are responsibly despatched and butchered, ready for us to collect. 

Free Range Turkey

We buy in our Devon Bronze turkeys as day old chicks in July from a local breeder and raise them entirely off-grid without the use of artificial heat lamps (they get to cosy up next to fluffy hot water bottles instead). Once they're feathers are in at around 5 weeks they move from their small heated hutches to a sheltered starter pen to harden them up for clifftop living. Then, at around 8 weeks they are moved to their free-range pen up the top where they live out their days quite happily. In the week before Christmas they are humanely despatched and table dressed, ready for the big day itself.

Free Range Eggs

Our flock of laying hens is comprised of rescue chickens from around the Southwest. They are often in good condition when they reach us to be honest and are usually from larger free-range farms - we just save them from getting the chop at 18 months as is routine in the larger commercial operations (far too early if you ask us)! At present we have a mixed flock of around 60 hens.