Sustainable Cornish Produce

 from our

Clifftop Smallholding


Our Livestock

Cornish Black Pigs, Kerry Cattle, Devon Bronze Turkeys & a Motley Crew of Rescue Hens!

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Ethical Milk

We believe dairy doesn't have to be cruel. That's why our 

free-range raw milk will be from cows that get to keep their calves.

Our Ethos

We take a holistic approach on our little farm; considering equally the social, financial & environmental impacts of our business as we develop and grow.

Our mission is to create a truly sustainable farm, brimming with life and laughter which flourishes and helps contribute to our local economy. All our produce is 100% free range & chemical free.

Farming Methods 

We draw on a number of agricultural and horticultural principles, with permaculture in particular weaving through all we do. Livestock are integral to our traditional, organic approach; fertilising the soil, ploughing the field & regenerating our permanent pasture.

Latest News

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